Guesthouse in Takamatsu Kagawa


Yashima half round course

(Yashima view from the offshore in the Seto inland sea)

Yashima is famous for a battle in the Genpei War.
According to the name, it is a mountain of roof-shaped 292m above sea level,
and it was an island separated from main land by river and sea in old days.

From JR Takamatsu Station, it takes 1.5 - 2 hours to the cape of Yashima called
"Nagasaki no hana"by bicycle, after that, enjoy the climbing to the top.
You can look over a magnificent view of Seto inland sea from the top of Yashima.

At first please go to the east on Seto-ohashi road
from JR Takamatsu station.

You can see the whole view of Yashima on Yashima-ohashi bridge.

At the end of Yashima-ohashi bridge, you'll find blue tile promenade
on the north side of the road. Please go on.

Islands and sea of Seto come in sight.

After the blue tile promenade is over, please go to the north furthermore.
Yashima is approaching to you.

There are some uphill slopes.

This stone monument is the mark of the forked road to the cape
"Nagasaki no hana". Please go to the unpaved way on the left.

While you go on the way, you'll see Megi island.

Here we are at "Nagasaki no hana"!
Please go on foot from here.

You'll see the top of Yashima.

"Nagasaki no hana" is like this.

You'll see fishermen at times.

Please go back to the stone monument and go about 100m ahead
on paved road, you'll see the starting point of Yashima mountain trail.

You can see good views on the trail.

There are caves on the trailside(No entry).

Just dozens of meters to the top!

At last, reached the top of Yashima!

The scenery from here is splendid!
Have a good day!

* Please manage your rental bicycle by yourself.
* We recommend a female to go in groupe just in case.