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Sunport Takamatsu walking course

( Sunset view from Sunport Takamatsu )

It's 30-40minutes walk to Takamatsu port through harbor from CHOTTOCO-MA.
Let's take a walk to the lighthouse at the tip of the port.

Sunport Takamatsu is a seaside park close to the ferry port and JR Takamatsu station,
where some events like "Marche in Sunport" are held on every weekend.

At first, please walk to the Takamatsu central wholesale market,
which is 200m to the north from CHOTTOCO-MA,
and go over the intersection in the photo above,
turn to the right at the end of the road.

If you turn to the left, you'll find local restaurant and shops in the market.
On the market special opening day held once in every two months,
you can enter the fresh fish market that ordinary people usually can not enter.

Quiet fishing harbor in daytime.
After you passed the fishing harbor, you'll see a bowling alley,
please go on the way in front of it to the north,

You can see Ozuchi island and Kozuchi island at the end of the road.
Please go ahead through the side of community pool and yacht harbor.

Then, turn to left on the intersection with this signboard.

You'll see Msgi island at the end of the road.

Please go on the seashore, Sunport Takamatsu is near at hand.

The seaside park view from Maritime Takamatsu.

Just walk on straight, you'll arrive at the lighthouse!

The seashore atmosphere at evening is also very nice.

It's like this at night

Tamamo Park(castle remains) is 10 minute's walk
from Sunport Takamatsu.