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Ogi island lighthouse walking course

( Ogi lighthouse at the north end of an island )

Ogi island is located about 1km north of Magi island.
It looks like a mountain floating on the sea.
You can go to Ogi island by the same ferry "Me-On" to Megi island.

When you take a walk through the alley of the village,
You'll meet grandmother pushing the baby carriage,
group of cats staring at you, and some art works.
The Ogi lighthouse is a good place to be lost in thought.
But please do not miss the last ferry to Takamatsu.

From the ferry "Me-On".

The houses which range along a slope from the port
form the village.

"Me-On" arrives at Ogi port in 20 min. after it leaves Megi island.

"Ogi Koh-ryu-kan" at the port.
There is a cafeteria, tourist information center,
ferry ticket office, meeting place inside.

Start walking from the trii (Gate of shrine) close to "Ogi Koh-ryu-kan".

Narrow path spread throughout the village.

If you get lost, please walk with your intuition.(^^;

You can see the sea when you go up slopes.
Seto-Ohashi bridge can be seen if the weather is good.

The gate of Toyotamahime shrine on the top of the hill.
You can see the village of the port below your eyes.

You might come across some art works.

The pipe is lengthened toward the bottom of the hill.
You can send a sound through it.

Surreal deserted house...

Nature enfolds the houses with time.

Walk the west of the island to the lighthouse.

You will arrive at Ogi lighthouse in about 20 minutes.
It's made of granite, not painted, very rare lighthouse in Japan.

At the east end of the beach.

Climb the hill close to the lighthouse.
You can see millions of narcissus along the slope in Jan.

To the huge "Tank Rock", you have to go over the heap of rocks...
Don't push yourself too hard.(^^;

At the south shore of the island.
There is an art work "Walking Ark".

Walking up the hill from there, you can overlook the sea
The form of Mt.Yashima looks interesting.

Have a good day!