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Megi island cave exploration course

( Megi island view from Yashima )

Megi island is said to be the location of the story of "Momotaro",
a legend of ogre extermination.
There is a cave of 400 meters in total length,
in which the ogres used to live according to the legend.
You can have a magnificent view of Seto inland sea
from the observation deck on top of the mountain also.

Please go to the Port of Takamatsu from CHOTTOCO-MA,
and get on the ferry to Megi Island.
( Timetable of the ferry )

The ferry is called "Me-On" which links Takamastu,
Megi island and Ogi island.

Let's start ! Takamatsu city becomes smaller and smaller.

It feels good to be on the deck of the ferry if the weather is fine.

Arrived at the Megi port in 20minutes !
It's 40-50minutes walk on the uphill road from the port to the cave.
There're buses to the cave, and rental bicycles
(They have bicycles with motor also).

You'll find a Moai statue close to the port...

There is a beach a few minutes walk from the port.

After pass through the alley of the village, please enter the uphill road.

You can see Mt.Yashima beyond the sea.

When you arrive at this crossroad, turn right to the cave.

You'll find ogres in the woods...

Arrived at the entrance of the cave beyond a kiosk !
The admission fee is JPY500(as of Nov.2013).

There're ogres everywhere in the cave...

Momotaro, the hero came !
We count on you...

Well, after you passed through the cave,
please go to the observation deck.

You can have a good view here !

The view of the Shodoshima island area and Mt.Yashima area.

The village of Megi and Takamatsu city beyond the sea,
and the view of the Seto-ohashi Bridge area.

Have a good day!