Guesthouse in Takamatsu Kagawa


Living room

※ There is a fridge, microwave, and electric pot.
※ Living room is closed at 23:00.
※ We have rental board games for free. (Available
  in the living room only)
※ There is no shared kitchen, no washing machine,
  no lockers in the guesthouse.

  Coin-Operated Laundry → "1HOUR DRY TOHO"
  (Public Bath "Akane Spa"is in the same direction.)

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Shower room

※ There is only one shower room for men and women
  on the 1st floor.
※ There are body soap, shampoo, conditioner.
※ Please prepare daily necessaries such as towel,
  toothbrush, etc. Bath amenities are charged.
  ※※※ Sales of bath amenities ※※※
※ There are rental hair dryers for free.
※ There is a scale in the dressing room.
※ There is a public bath in a 6 minutes walk, and
  「AKANE Spa」(400 yen/person) in 15 minutes walk.


※ 1F toilet is Western style for men and women
  2F toilet is Japanese style only for women.
※ There is a washstand on the 2nd floor corridor
  and the balcony.

balcony (2nd floor)

※ Smoking is not allowed inside the hosue.
  balcony is available for smoking.

wifi Available inside the house.

■ Check-in time 16:00-22:00/Check-out time 10:00
■ Reception desk is open between 16:00 to 22:00, and 8:00 to 10:00.
■ Guesthouse is closed between 10:00 to 16:00 everyday. Living
  room, shower room, toilet are also closed for cleaning. Sorry for
  the inconvenience, but please go out between 10:00 to 16:00.
■ The entrance door is locked at 0:00 midnight. Please be quiet after 22:00.
■ No kitchen, no washing machine, and no lockers.
■ No smoking. 2nd floor balcony is available for smoking.
■ Please do not eat in the bedroom. Living room is available.
■ Children under 14 years of age can not stay.
■ Please do not bring pets to guesthouse.
■ We can keep your luggage from 8:00 on the check-in day, and until
  22:00 on the check-out day for free.
It costs 500 yen per one day after that.
  If you want to leave your lugagge between 8:00 to 16:00, please let us
  know the arrival time by the reservation form in advance.
■ Please manage your valuables and belongings by yourself.
  We can not bear the responsibility for theft, loss, or any other trouble.